We believe that we can all contribute to a better planet. Therefore, it is our mission to help you as a consumer to make responsible choices. We do this by producing high quality products with a long service life.

We take quality seriously at all stages. This means, among other things, that the skin we use is surplus from food production, so that all resources are used.

In addition, our designers always make an effort to think through all the details, stitching and cuttings, so that our styles last for years and only need to be replaced when it is worn out. At the same time, we help you to take care of your products. We have summarized more than 20 years of experience with natural products into a guide to careso you can extend your lifespan.

We only work with carefully selected sewing rooms and experts who can guarantee the high quality that Benedikte Utzon is known for, and we guarantee uncompromising quality in classic designs that can be passed down for generations. 


We are proud to collaborate with Fatma as you see in the photo above. Here's her story:

Fatma's fine feel for skins dates from more than a decade of production. For many years she worked in a larger company. Slowly, an idea formed, and one day she couldn't wait a second longer. Three months into her pregnancy, Fatma opened her own Studio – and later gave birth to the heart baby she holds in the photo.

Today she produces skin and rulam for Benedikte Utzon. We are grateful for the collaboration with this talented, inspiring woman.