All our accessories are specially designed to fit our skin, cashmere and rulams styles, so each accesory can be used in many combinations. For example, imagine scourgeing yourself in a cream-white cashmere scarf in addition to your cashmere set of the same colour – or with a cap to soften up a skin look. The leather belts of course fit our leather jackets and coats, but they can also be used to style shirts, ponchos and dresses. A final tip is that right now you can complete your dress look by buying a face mask sewn in the same fabric and pattern as our fine cotton dresses.


Since 1995, we have designed luxurious collections with longevity for style- and quality-conscious women of all ages. This means that our range consists of stylish classics that you can easily style and give your personal touch. That's why our designers have gone to great lengths to create a selection of accessories that you can use to create your own unique look.

Are you into a classic cashmere hat with matching scarf in natural color, or do you prefer colorful pastel? Do you love to combine a feminine cotton dress with a raw leather belt? Would you like a completed rulamsoutfit with vest and associated bully hat? In Benedikte Utzon's universe, only your imagination sets limits because all accessories are designed to fit our rulams, skins and cashmerestyles.

Like our jackets and coats, many of our assesories also have several styling features. Our bully hats, for example, can be turned both ways, and the soft triangle scarfs can be used both as warming scarves during the cold months of the year and as shawls on warm summer evenings. In addition, the scarves are unisex, so they can be purchased to and from anyone who loves the ultimate everyday luxury.

In addition to the soft cases in our shop, we also have some paper thin versions. Our iconic illustrations were designed by Alexandra Madirazza and you can buy one of the beautiful motifs as a poster for your wall.