Are you into feminine, airy cotton dresses that can be used on the beach and in everyday life in addition to a pair of pants? Or are you into gorgeous fur dresses that wrap around your body and give a classic and sexy look? Our Pureheart dresses are sewn from 100% cotton fabric in patterns ranging from summery stripes to vibrant animal prints. Style the dresses under a cashmere vest or a leather jacket to get exactly the look you want. Maybe even in addition to some skin leggings to add something raw to the feminine look. Or combine the cotton dress with a leather dress that can also be used as a coat or blazer.


Our dresses can generally be divided into two subcategories: cotton and skins:

Our airy Pureheartcotton dresses come in two lengths – one with buttons in the cutout and the other with v-neck. Common to the models is that they are oversize, have buttons at the sleeves, slit on both sides, and then they are sewn in 100% cotton in a sea of colors and patterns. Whether you are into stripes, animal prints, floral patterns or monochrome dresses, they can easily be styled with, for example, a leather belt, and they can be used as a base under all our uppers. One of the most popular combinations is to use a dress under the cashmere vest Lark. Tip: right now you can complete the dress look by buying a matching face mask in the same fabric.

The second category is our fur dresses. Here you get three in one because they are designed so that they can also be used as blazers and jackets. One of the popular models is Edite because of the skin belt that you can put on and off depending on whether you want to use it as one or the other. As with our other skin products, you will find that the material forms according to your body. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right size. We're ready to help you find it. Drop by one of our physical stores, call or book a personal video call via