Create the ultimate foundation for a wardrobe for any occasion with a small handful of our busker, leggins and skirts. Our designs are stylish, so they can be easily dresses up and down, and their longevity means you have to buy new ones – for the benefit of both you as a consumer and the sustainability of the planet. Style, for example, a pair of soft cashmere trousers with a cashmere roll collar for the ultimate cosy outfit or with a leather jacket to create a stylish, comfortable work look. Or wear a pair of buttery skin leggings under a cashmere poncho in a luxurious everyday set or with a leather jacket in a feminine, raw look.


Our trousers, leggins and skirts are designed as stylish classics to suit all uppers and mood. In this way, with a few items you can create the perfect basis for a wardrobe for all occasions.

Our cashmere pants, June and Anna, are quickly on the bestseller list. The combination of airy light material and stylish design makes you look good and feel good in your body – whether you've put together your pants with a shirt and a leather jacket for a productive work day, or if you've combined them with a soft cashmere sweater for the ultimate day of fun on the sofa.

The skin pants Sue and our skin leggings Sun are also popular. We understand that. Because when you buy a pair of leather trousers or leggins, you get a faithful companion. Partly because the natural material expands and forms according to your body (for the same reason we recommend that you buy your skin styles a number less than usual). And partly because skins are a durable natural material. If you take care of the skin, you can enjoy the pants for many, many years. Read more about how to extend the life of your products on the 'MORE' tab → 'CARE'. Precisely because skins give way, it is important that you choose the right size, and we would love to help you. That's why we always offer personalized guidance – either in one of our physical stores, by phone or video call. The latter you can book by emailing to