In 1995, fashion designer Benedikte Utzon founded the company of the same name. As the daughter of a bunt-making family, she transformed her understanding of natural materials of the highest quality into a unique Nordic style, which has since been internationally recognized and award-winning for her balance between feminine lines and a raw expression.

In 2012, Benedikte Utzon was acquired by Topbrands, who has continued the clear focus on expressive collections in the best quality.

Denmark's northernmost city, Skagen, occupies a special place at Benedikte Utzon. In 2012, the brand opened its physical store in the heart of Skagen, where the beautiful surroundings testify to how nature, materials and aesthetics come together. Every day, Benedikte Utzon's passionate employees help women of all ages find elegant designs that give them confidence and reflect their personality.